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A Balloon named Bubbles who lives in a boy named Thomas's lamp in his bedroom. When Thomas falls asleep at night, Bubble and his friends, Skye-Skye the Human Pajamas the Cat, Birday the owl, Diamond Rumpas the Robot, and Sunny Sarah the Nightingale, awaken. Bubble writes a letter to Thomas once he

wakes up. But little does he know that when Thomas wakes up in the morning, he and his friends will go to sleep.Full of made-up words, the show features regular, unpolished kids dancing.The show, which has taken many years to make, is set to air in the US, on Nick Jr.When Thomas goes to sleep, the characters in his lamp wake up. They include of Bubbles the Balloon, Skye-Skye the Human, Pajamas the Cat, Birday the Owl, Diamond Rumpas the Robot, and Sunny Sarah the Nightingale. The group's leader, Bubbles, writes a letter to Thomas whenever they wake up. At the end of each episode when all the characters are in bed, Thomas awakens.


The title is a parody of Beebies‘ Beautiful Day, with the setting being a parody of Yo Gabba Gabba.

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