When The Bubble Dreamers run out of Dino Pancakes and Waffles they have to buy more.


  • Theme Somg
  • Title Card
  • Song - Make a list
  • Alexis appears
  • Jingle - Wait Until I Cook It by the Cherry Pie Pops
  • Toy - Maddie rides her Banana (Music: Emerald Rush)
  • Drawing with Sean - Grocery Bag
  • 8-bit game - Maddie plays The Path
  • Song - It’s so much better
  • Alexander appears
  • Super Awesome Friends Show - Cabbage, Broc, and Cauli by the Gabba Rockstars
  • 8-bit game - Alexander plays Race to the Finish Line
  • Cool Tricks - Devon Dahl plays the ukulele
  • Toy - Lily rides her robots (Music: Future Starz)
  • D.D. Dance - The Shopping Cart
  • Maddie appears
  • Song - If you break it, you buy it
  • Lily appears
  • Toy - Alexander rides his Boogie Board (Music: Love Love Angel Kitten)
  • Story Time - Stubbins and Beets (Narrated by Maddie Fretz)
  • 8-bit game - Lily plays Go Kart Fun!
  • Remix
  • Credits


  • Alejandro Arroyo as Bubbles
  • Roberto Medina as Diamond Rumpas
  • Manuel Miranda as Birday
  • Lamese Patterson as Rex
  • Sarah Strong as Sunny Sarah
  • Jayliah Harris as Skye-Skye


Guest Stars

Super Awesome Friends Show

“Cabbage, Broc and Cauli” by the Gabba Rockstars


Tiger Ryder and Frequent Flyer

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