Thomas hosts a Dancing Day,Snowflake acidentally knocks down Nautical Nichol's Block Tower,and Everyone Plays a game reccomended by Bubbles.


  • Title Card
  • Song: I Love To Dance
  • Evan and Max appear
  • Jingle: Winter Dancing by Bonfire Bash
  • Toy: Unicorn (rode by Khloe)
  • Song: Baby Steps Big Steps
  • Indy appears
  • Play Pretend With Snowflake: Dinosaur
  • Video Game: Kiddiebalt (played by Evan and Max)
  • Dancey Dance: The Sizzling Squirrel with Taylor Garron
  • Toy: Orange (flown with Evan and Max Strong)
  • B.D. Mini Talent Show: Drums with Migu Clark
  • Video Game: The Path (Played by Isaiah)
  • Song: Teamwork
  • Isaiah appears
  • Cool Tricks: Breakdancing with Jack Dorsey
  • Toy: Motorcycle (Driven By Isaiah)
  • Song: Body Parts Game
  • Khloe appears
  • D.D. Dance: The Big Bounce
  • Video Game: Building La Masterpeice (played by Indy)
  • Super Martian Robot Girl: The Underwater Dance Party
  • Toy: Boogie Board (Rode by Indy)
  • Sounds With Nautical Nichol: Chicken
  • Video Game: Music Magic (played by Khloe)
  • Remix
  • Credits
  • Let's Talk to Some Kids - Dancing


  • I Love To Dance
  • Baby Steps Big Steps
  • Teamwork
  • Body Parts Game

4 Square Layout


Video Games



  • Alejandro Arroyo as Bubbles
  • Isaiah Torres as Snowflake
  • Damien My as Ninja
  • Evan and Max Strong as Eager Evan and Merry Max
  • Natalie Strong as Nice Natalie
  • Nichol Thomas as Magnificent Nichol
  • Thomas Bonfire as Thomas

Guest Stars

  • Taylor Garron (of Zoom and Fetch)
  • Migu Clark (of the Cherry Pie Pops)


  • This is the First Time Thomas and The Bubble Dreamers meet.
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